We are TodaysWeb Ltda. an IT company based in Bolivia, South America. We see poverty every day and have decided to help out.


The whole year we collect donations from our clients and others. At least 2 times per year we buy trucks full of goods and then donate them to children and families in need.


Please visit our donation page to find out more.


Revisit to the poor Larati group in Bolivia

21 Dec 2018

(This blog post in swedish can be seen here.) In the summer of 2018 me and my family was in Bolivia and we revisited the poor Larati community. Our charity gave to them last year but this time I was also there with my family. Our help consisted of giving yarn to a woman association and rice, [...]

Gift of remnants from June 2017

21 Dec 2018

(This blog post in swedish can be seen here.) When I and my family were in Bolivia this summer, we discovered that there were a lot of remnants of purchases made for the donation in Larati in June 2017. This was in our house in Sacaba and we hired a truck and gave it to [...]

Helping the poor in the Larati Community in Bolivia

2 Jul 2017

(This blog post in swedish can be seen here.) The Larati Community (Sindicato Agrario Larati Grande) is a poor area around 1,5 hours away from the Cochabamba city. Our help consisted of giving more than 5000 kilogram of food, children clothes and a football to around 200 families. The giving was made on the 21st [...]

Our help to the poor in the Arque Province in Bolivia

30 Dec 2014

(This blog post in swedish can be seen here.) In Bolivia the people in the Arque Province are considered some of the most poor in Bolivia. They have very little access to water and electricity and with an average of just 1.7 years of schooling. They often lack food and many of them live in [...]

New website!

18 Nov 2014

We are very proud to announce the launch of our new website. The design was created by Modifinder AB.

Christmas discount on N.nu - Helping orphanage children in Bolivia

20 Dec 2012

For most children in the rich part of the worlds christmas gifts and christmas joy something you take for granted but for many poor and orphanage children in Bolivia not even a daily meal can be taken for granted. Even less access to educational material and toys. Therefore N.nu will be donating, without intermediaries, 10 [...]

Donation to the orphan children in Bolivia

18 Jan 2012

Between December 20 and December 31, 2012, N.nu did a christmas campaign. Besides a substantial discount N.nu also promised that 10% of the earnings would go directly to the orphans in Bolivia. The campaign went very well and we collected $1,438 USD to the children. It might not sound like much, but remember that the [...]