Helping the poor in the Larati Community in Bolivia

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The Larati Community (Sindicato Agrario Larati Grande) is a poor area around 1,5 hours away from the Cochabamba city.

Our help consisted of giving more than 5000 kilogram of food, children clothes and a football to around 200 families. The giving was made on the 21st of june 2017.

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A big thanks to the following volunteers

The following people spent a lot of hours without compensation making this possible:

Giovana Villaroel Miranda, Daniel Montaño Vargas, Alicia Vargas Corrales, Evelin Vargas Villazon, Carlos Roberto Claros Adrian, Jhonny Villarroel Miranda, Jhessica Vallá, Jasmani Montaño Vargas, Neyda Montaño Vargas, Jim Westergren

A big thanks to the following who donated money and made this possible

TodaysWeb Ltda.,, Kampanjjakt, Pineberry AB, Defiso Media AB, Flighton AB, Glashusen AB, Brath, Logokompaniet, Modifinder AB, REBEL Internet BV, Rabattkoder Expressen,, Be Better Online, Braulio AB,,, Skribentus, SearchMint AB, Arif Kurbanov, Presentguiden, Hans Svensson, Shiler Keyvan, Triop AB, Turneround Webb AB, Årsunda Webbinvest AB and others that contributed smaller amounts.

How the money was spent

  • 200 sacs of rice (2300 kilogram): 12000 bolivianos
  • 200 sacs of sugar (2300 kilogram): 12000 bolivianos
  • 170 bags of macaroni: 7990 bolivianos
  • Clothes for around 500 children: 3500 bolivianos
  • 170 bottles of sunflower oil (340 litres): 3400 bolivianos
  • 170 balls:  4800 bolivianos
  • Gasoline for transport: 400 bolivianos
  • Candy for 170 families: 1600 bolivianos
  • Coca cola, cakes and chicoloac for 150 people: 519 bolivianos
  • Stolen: 12331 bolivianos
  • Payment to volunteers from donation money: 0

Total: 58540 bolivianos (8472 USD)

It is very unfortunate that some criminals followed a few of our volunteers to their home town (the ones taking care of the donation money), broke their car and stole around 1 784 USD from the car. They did a police report and we have been taking actions to minimize the risk in the future.

You are very welcome with your donation for our next giving.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

2 Jul 2017