Revisit to the poor Larati group in Bolivia

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In the summer of 2018 me and my family was in Bolivia and we revisited the poor Larati community. Our charity gave to them last year but this time I was also there with my family.

Our help consisted of giving yarn to a woman association and rice, sugar, cooking oil and macaroni to around 138 families. This was given on July 20, 2018.

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They really wanted to give thank you gifts to me and my family and it would be rude to not accept, so we accepted. It was a lot of food to eat, 2 big sacs of potatoes and one sheep we brought home to our place in Bolivia. Our children loved that sheep and wanted to bring it home to our house in Sweden which is of course not possible :)

A big thanks to the following volunteers

The following people spent a lot of hours without compensation making this possible:

Alicia Vargas Corrales, Neyda Montaño Vargas, Daniel Montaño Vargas, Jim Westergren, Alvin Westergren, Alice Westergren.

A big thanks to the following who donated money and made this possible

TodaysWeb Ltda.EkonomifokusVåning 18 ABBe Better OnlineGlashusen ABPineberry ABBrathDefiso Media ABModifinder

How the money was spent

  • 432 yarn skeins (not on a photo, was given by Neyda the day before): 5270 bolivianos
  • 138 sacs of sugar (1564 kilogram): 21390 bolivianos
  • 162 bottles of sunflower oil (292 litres): 4650 bolivianos
  • 47 sacs of rice (2300 kilogram): 16215 bolivianos
  • 1400 bags of macaroni: 5040 bolivianos
  • Payment to volunteers from donation money: 0

Total: 52565 bolivianos (7708 USD)

You are very welcome with your donation for our next giving.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

21 Dec 2018